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Ø   First RAME Safety Workshop in Tehran


On 28 January 2008 UIC RAME held a workshop in Tehran on safety management for railways in which the main focus of the workshop was surrounding the question of safety and risk management. This workshop was prepared in close cooperation between UIC (Rail Safety Division and several UIC members such as SNCF or rail safety authorities such as EBA from Germany), the Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI) and the UIC Middle-East Regional Office based in Tehran. Moreover, this workshop included speakers from Iran, Turkey, Syria, India, Britain, Austria and over 130 participants from Iran and Middle East Railways

 European Rail Safety Regulations, Safety methods, Measuring Safety – Data, Indicators and Targets, Level Crossings, Towards Safety Culture were also among the main topics of the workshop presented and discussed in the workshop.


Ø   The 2nd UIC RAME Educational Seminar on Railway Safety in Tehran

The 2nd UIC RAME Educational Seminar on Railway Safety was held on 4-5 May 2010 in Tehran, Iran (University of Science and Technology) as an activity planned in the 2009-2011 Action Plan of the UIC Regional Assembly for the Middle-East.

The 2nd UIC RAME Educational Seminar was attended by around 100 participants, among them railway experts, researchers or university representatives from Iran, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


The main objectives of the “Railway Safety” activity included in the UIC Middle-East Action Plan were as follows:

ü   Develop a Safety Database for the Middle-East railways based on the methodology already developed within UIC (mainly by European railways) for the UIC Safety Database Exchange on the next steps towards the setting-up of a Safety Philosophy and then a Safety Management System (SMS) within Middle-Eastern railway companies

ü   Designate a group of safety experts from Middle-Eastern Railways (RAME Safety Experts WG) to further monitor this work (with technical support from UIC Rail Safety Division) and produce deliverables (e.g. publication of guidelines, recommendations, etc.)


Safety, Risk and Human factors, planning a corporate safety strategy, Rail Risk Management and Developing a Safety Management System were among the main themes presented and discussed in the seminar.



Ø   The First RAME Safety Working Group meeting in Tehran

Following the conclusions of the 2nd Educational Seminar on Railway Safety held in Tehran on 4-5 May 2010, the first meeting of the UIC Middle-East Rail Safety Working Group took place at the invitation of Iranian Railways (RAI) at the Tehran Headquarters (RAI Tower where the UIC Regional Office for Middle-East is also located) and was attended by representatives from Iranian (RAI and Niroo), Turkish and Iraqi railways.

 The main objective of this meeting consisted in starting the concrete work towards developing and implementing a Rail Safety Database tailor-made for railway needs in this region.

At this meeting the methodology for the preparation of a regional Railway Safety Database was presente. The methodology refers to the 2004 version of the UIC Safety Database. The meeting provided a useful opportunity to explain the content and in particular:

§    The type of accidents and incidents to collect during the first stage and steps

§    What kind of data has to be collected

§    How to use the database

§    Understanding how to use common definitions

§    Analysis of the causes of accidents, treatment and prevention measures

As a result of this meeting, the structure, content and data of the RAME Rail Safety Database will be finalized to take a number of comments into consideration. It was  circulated to all RAME Members (Middle-Eastern Railways) and the  RAME members are requested to

§    Cooperate more in setting  up a regional Rail Safety Database,

§    Designate correspondents for regular work related to the ME Rail Safety Database who are authorised to send data on railway accidents, causes and investigations

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