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Parsian Co

Parsian Railway Transport Development Company

Parsian Railway Transport Development Co. has been set up at 2004 with aim of supply feeding of country power plants and has become one of Negin Kish international shore and off shore development company subsidiaries for transportation kinds of passengers and freight cargo by railway network and facilities, development of railway constructions, service activities, export and import under country ongoing regulations. This company has more than 10 branches all over the Iranian railway network such as: Bandar Abbas, Imam and Amir Abad ports, Arak, Isfahan, Mashhad, Sarakhs, Rei, Yazd and etc…

Activity Fields

Parsian Railway Transport Development Co. is capable of freight transportation through railroad and includes rail transportation of oil products and chemicals, petrochemicals, seed oils, cargo forwarding, multi modal transportation at local and international scale, custom affairs, bill of lading rendering and …

Company Services schedule

Loading to unloading in local transportations, sending cargo until delivery report at forwarding activities, transshipment at multi modal transportation, custom affairs for import cargoes and custom certificate for export and export permission for cargo in transit cases are some of major services by Niroorail.

Providers and Customers

Generally includes import, export, transit, local and international cargo owners.

Members of the Board

Mr.Ali Asghar Seraji, Chief of the Board

Mr.Naser Bakhtiari, Deputy of the Board

Mr.Seyedjafar Alavi Mahaleh, Member of the Board

Mr.Abdolreza Naderi Afroshteh, Member of the Board

Mr.Seyedmostafa Kheradmand, Member of the Board


Parsian Railway Transport Development Co. has been founded at 22/June/2004, and officially got started since 23/July/2004, Portfolio of this company involves 60 million shares as below:

1- Gostaresh-e Nafto Gaz-e Parsian Co,

Shares: 55.099.988 (91.8%) , Address: www.pogdc.com

2- Negin-e Kish Shore and Offshore International Co,

Shares: 245.000 (0.41%), Address: www.neginkish.com

3- Tamin Transportation Investment Co,

Shares: 5 (0.0000001%), www.ssic.ir

4- Pardis Petrochemical Co,

Share: 6 (0.0000001%), www.paupc.ir

5- Hamon Sepahan Investment Co, Share: 6 (0.0000001%).


The Company services include rail domestic transport such as food, vegetable oil, construction materials (cement, tar), combined transport, and transit.

Features and Capabilities

Rail transport

Parsian Railway Transport Development Co. with 1100 of its own tank wagons, is the most major tank wagon owner in Iran. These wagons are two types: first, model 547000 includes 702 wagons and second, model 543000 includes 300 wagons and Prtdc carries oil, chemical, petrochemical products and seed oils and industrial lubricator oils (SN) with these wagons through Iranian, Turkish, Syria rail network.

Also Prtdc can do custom affairs, bill of lading for export cargo, multimodal transportation, forwarding and export/import CIS.

Marine services

Iran Marine services

This company has been founded at 04 August 1981 as Limited Liability Company and became one of Ghadir Investment Company at 1887. Head office of this company is in Tehran and it is one of Dubai group, its active branches are in Bandar Abbas and Bandar Imam Khomeini ports in such fields:

1- Transit cases

Transfer of oil from CIS to South ports of Iran to be consumed at south potential centers through 33 and 34th jetties with marginal facilities like heating and reverse, Pipe lines for transfer among jetties, road and marine transportation by own assets at the shortest time. There are for all kinds of oil products.

2- Afloat affairs

This company is responsible as provider of operations and human resources of dry afloat, service and provider afloat from other countries representatives.

3- Representatives affairs

Cooperation with other countries branches for their necessities at the ports in order to providing them.

Iran Kish Daryaban-e-Jonoub Company

One of the biggest sub companies of Negin Kish which founded at Bandar Abbas port and then shifted to Kish Island.

Mission of Daryaban was chartering ships and then Methane Gas business since summer of 2011. After renewing of visions, Daryaban went to:

·        Analyze present choices to purchasing methane international ships.

·        Have more than 35000 ton of Gas import from Turkmenistan to Iran.

·        Transport oil products at Persian Gulf ports to others.

·        Export Methanol to India and China.

·        Explore and negotiating with petrochemicals traders and making contract with them.

·        Purchase several tank ship

·        Develop experience at oil product business on going through…

Ongoing projects

700 Romanian-Germany Wagon Purchase, Manufactured by Wagon Pars.
400 Russian Wagon Purchase, Manufactured by Wagon Pars.

Future projects

1000 Tank Container Purchase,

Participation at Railway Bureau Locomotives Auction,

Development of Activities at Turkey and CIS,

Participation in Railway Freight Wagons Department Auctions,

Membership in related associations

·        Member of UIC (International Union of Railways) and IMMTA (International Multimodal Transport Association),

·        Member of Rail Transport Syndicate, Iranian Association of Rail Transport Engineering,

·        Member in Iran Management Association, Iranian Accounting Association, Iran Logistics and Supply Chain Society, Public Relations Society of Iran


Managing Director

Mr. Naser Bakhtiari

Tel.: (+98) 21 883 086 96

Fax: (+98) 21 888 376 23

Address: No. 9, Dead End, South shiraz St., Mollasadra Street,Vanak Sq., Tehran, IRAN

Tel.: (+98) 21 840 13000

Email: info@pitdc.com
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