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Sectioning of Tracks and Automation of Rail Traffic Control in Iran (RAI)

Maziar Yazdani, Director General of Communications and Signaling Department of RAI informed of the completion and the operation of sectioning and automatic system project of rail traffic in Tehran-Mashad route.

Maziar Yazdani, while mentioning that taking advantage of the systems and the facilities resulted in safety promotion, speed increase, and then more efficiency of rail transport and increase of demand were continually paid attention by officials, experts, and specialists of RAI, stated that:

Sectioning of tracks is one of the systems of increasing capacity in rail transport network which has been designed and operated by skillful hands of Iranian experts for the first time based on the latest up-to-date standards of the world in Tehran-Mashad route in 50 stations with the length of 926 km.

He added: traffic capacity of Tehran-Mashad route will be increased by 3 times in comparison with the current capacity, dispatching trains will be decreased from 20 minutes to 7 minutes, and daily commuting of 200 sets of trains will be possible in this route by operating this network. So, this will increase passenger transport, local and international goods carriage and transit.

Yazdani also mentioned that making this project operational by Iranian experts includes fewer prices comparing with foreign projects up to 50% in addition to the abundant technical and safety benefits.


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